Heat Pumps in Phoenix, AZ and the Surrounding Areas

Heat Pumps in Phoenix, AZIf you live in an area like Phoenix, Arizona, where the extremities of temperature are felt on both sides of the scale, it is best to opt for a solution that will combat both situations. Installing separate heating and cooling units would be a costly option. Call Arizona TradeMasters today to seek the advice of a professional in the trade.

Heat Pumps in Phoenix, AZ are a reliable solution to this kind of temperature variation. We are able to provide you with a quality installation and all the after-service required to keep the system running like clockwork.

How Heat Pumps Work

A heat pump uses the outside air to both heat and cool a home when necessary. A heat pump basically moves warm air from one place to another constantly. When the weather outside is cold, the heat pump extracts the heat from outside and moves it inside, when it is hot outside, the cycle is reversed carrying the heat from inside, outside. This movement of heat, rather than generating heat, is an advantage of this kind of system. Energy-efficiency is much higher in this kind of system. These pumps are generally electrically-driven and the fact that heat is not generated means less power is used and consumption will be less, reducing operational costs. For extreme cold weather however, an alternative or additional source of heat may be required in conjunction with the heat pump.

The Benefits – Astounding

These systems are practical, convenient and environmentally friendly. Heat Pumps in Phoenix, AZ can be used for both heating and cooling. The heat pump allows you to control your climate, you can set the temperature required to a level that is suitable to your comfort. Leaving your heat pump on when out won’t cost you an arm and a leg and you are guaranteed to come home to the temperature you are comfortable in. Some heat pumps can be preset to switch on and off at certain times. There is no smoke, ash, or waste which you are required to remove. There are no hot surfaces or open flames that could harm children or pets and they are completely safe to leave on while asleep. As there is no smoke and no fumes the air circulating is cleaned by the filters which remove dust, allergens, mold and the like, reducing the instances of allergies and asthma.

Promote Excellent Air Quality

Heat pumps promote excellent indoor air quality. Using a Heat Pump in Phoenix, AZ dehumidifies a room, preventing condensation which could cause structural damage or damage to furniture and possessions.

Contact us at Arizona TradeMasters for a heat pump installation that will change how you view heating and cooling. We are the professionals.