Furnace Maintenance in Phoenix, AZ and Surrounding Areas

Furnace Maintenance in Phoenix, AZIt may seem as if we are flogging a dead horse here with the constant reminder of the importance of furnace maintenance in Phoenix, AZ when referring to heating and cooling equipment, however, with your furnace, especially a gas-driven unit, this is something that should never be put off. Safety comes first with gas installations and regular maintenance ensures that there are no hazardous leaks, or possible fire or explosion hazards. Gas is already a hazard if not treated with respect and in a furnace it simply becomes a pressure pot waiting to explode.

At Arizona TradeMasters we are completely aware of the dangers of gas, and ensure that the maintenance we carry out on your furnace explores every inch of your unit, leaving no chance for disaster.

Carbon Monoxide – A Silent Killer

It may seem a little drastic mentioning a gas as a killer and putting it in the context of a furnace, however, when installing such a unit it is best to be aware of all the dangers and for your to realize how maintenance can prevent disaster in your home. Carbon monoxide is a gas that can be leaked from your furnace if there is a fault that has gone unnoticed due to lack of maintenance. The gas is odorless which makes it even more dangerous. This gas, inhaled in large quantities, can cause serious illness and in some cases death. The safety of your family and even your pets is at stake. Our technicians may recommend safety measures such as a carbon monoxide alarm which notifies you if the carbon monoxide content in the air is higher than normal. Other safety features include cut off valves which cut off the main supply of gas should a sudden increase be detected in the flow of gas to your unit or in the event of earthquakes where movement in the earth can cause friction and fire or explosion.

Gas Leaks – What Action To Take

If you have carried out regular maintenance on your furnace, the instance of gas leaks will be reduced considerable. Maintenance ensures that any issues that arise which may cause serious problems in future, are stopped dead in their tracks at the outset. Should you, however, encounter a gas leak in your home it is precautionary to turn off the main power to your furnace, switch off the gas feed and evacuate your home. Call the local authorities and your professional team at Arizona TradeMasters. We will inspect the system and contain any problems. Once given the all clear by the officials, you will be free to enter your home again. Where explosive equipment and gas is concerned, it is always best to play on the side of caution rather than face devastation.

Contact us at Arizona TradeMasters now. Don’t be the cause of your own heartache. Prevent devastation, do that maintenance today!